Padel Balls

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Adidas RX Padel Balls

Adidas Speed RX Padel Balls

R 155.00
Give your game more speed with the Adidas Speed RX balls, a new padel ball that stands out for its performance on the court, delighting the most demanding players. You...
Court Padel Balls

Babolat Court Padel Balls

R 150.00
The Babolat Court Padel Balls are designed for a comfortable feel and extreme durability, ensuring you can play with confidence. Featuring a core made from natural rubber and a felt...
Bullpadel Next FIP Padel Balls

Bullpadel Next FIP Padel Balls

R 155.00
Introducing the Bullpadel NEXT FIP balls, the pinnacle of padel ball technology. As the official ball of the Federación Internacional de Pádel (FIP), these balls are crafted to deliver unparalleled...
Gold Padel Balls

Bullpadel Gold Padel Balls

R 165.00
The Bullpadel GOLD balls have a natural felt exterior, making it a high quality ball with long lasting durability.  These balls are the official ball of FIP (Federación Internacional de...
Bullpadel Pascal Box 3B Padel Ball Pressurizer

Bullpadel Pascal Box 3B Padel Ball Pressurizer

R 1,250.00
PASCALBOX 3B is the ONLY complete pressurization system that guarantees hermetic closing and 100% results: high resistance cup, precision manometer, universal inflation valve and safety valve. Includes inflator pump. It...
Padel Ball Tube

Bullpadel Padel Ball Tube

R 550.00
The Bullpadel ball collector tube has been developed to facilitate ball collection from the court speedily and easily. It has a capacity of 15 balls thanks to its length of...
Paddle Tennis Balls

4on Pro T1 Padel Balls

R 150.00
The 4on Pro T1 Padel Balls offer exceptional speed, quality, and durability. Designed for excellent grip and a soft touch, these balls are perfect for players seeking professional-grade performance.
Head Padel Balls

4on Pro T1 Padel Balls - Case of 24

R 3,600.00
Buy a full case of 24 4on Pro T1 Padel Balls. The latest, high-quality padel balls from Swedish brand, 4on. These balls have been developed to balance speed and control -...
Siux Neo Padel Balls

Siux Neo Padel Balls

R 155.00
Discover the new NEO balls, designed and recommended for high temperatures, dry weather and medium/high altitude areas.