2024 Adidas Pro Limited Edition Padel Rackets

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Metalbone PRO EDT Racket

Adidas Metalbone PRO EDT - Limited Edition Padel Racket by Ale Galan

R 8,999.00
The Limited Edition Adidas Metalbone Pro EDT by Ale Galán merges the best technologies of the Madrid player into an exclusive racket for those seeking to dominate the court. Its Octagonal...
Carbon Fibre Padel Racket

Adidas Adipower Ctrl/Control Multiweight PRO EDT - Limited Edition 18K Carbon Fibre Padel Racket

R 9,499.00
The Adidas Adipower Ctrl/Control Multiweight Pro EDT by Álex Ruiz is a unique and exclusive model. It brings together all Multiweight technologies and the highest quality materials to achieve excellence. ...
Light PRO Padel Racket

Adidas Cross IT Light PRO EDT 2024 - Limited Edition 24k Carbon Fibre Padel Racket by Martita Ortega

R 7,799.00
The PRO-EDT Cross It Light by Marta Ortega is an exclusive racket designed for players who seek perfection at every point. It incorporates all the revolutionary Cross It technologies, which...
Legend Padel Racket

Adidas Adipower Legend 3.3 Limited Edition - 3K Carbon Fibre Padel Racket

R 7,499.00
The new Limited Edition 2024 Adipower Legend has been designed by Adidas to put the power of one of the greatest Padel players of all time in your hands. With...